we love to support

With your order, you not only ensure your own individuality, but with every mask you buy, you also support research at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), partner institute of the Luxembourg COVID-19 Task Force.



On July 7th a first donation of 6150€ was handed over to Lisa M. Smits, Fundraising and Science Communication Officer Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedecine (LCSB).

we love to stay individual

A uniform mask cries out to be personalized and used as an advertising medium… Have your logo, your individual slogan or a photo of your choice printed on the masks and show your personal message. A mask makes a person look serious, but a smile underneath the mask helps to overcome the difficult time. Your theme can bring joy, so get creative.

Keep on smiling, even under your mask!

Your Marc Wilmes Design Team